Surveillance Solutions

Who Needs Security Cameras?
Times are very tough, and that makes it more important than ever to be sure that your home, office or commercial building isn't at risk. We can help yo do that by installing analog or IP surveillance cameras and recording equipment. We'll be happy to assist you in assessing your needs to ensure that your home or business is safely monitored. Some of the types of businesses that are turning to video surveillance systems are:
  • Retail centers
    Theft and vandalism can be bad for business, but if someone knows that they are being watched by security cameras, they may not even attempt to steal or cause damage. In addition, if a theft does occur, a correctly places security camera will clearly show police who committed the crime. Surveillance systems can help control inventory shrinkage, which will increase your profitability.
  • Medical buildings
    Many times hospitals, assisted living facilities and other large medical facilities are spread out over a campus area, and that can make required security difficult in preventing things like child abduction. But with our surveillance systems, you can use IP network technology to link all of your digital cameras together. We have the ability to help you connect buildings that are many miles away. If you already have some older analog cameras in place we can convert them to IP to work with our setup.
  • Warehouses
    Because they're usually large, warehouses can be a prime target for vandalism. If intruders see high quality security cameras mounted on the building, they'll understand that police will be able to identify them as intruders if they break in. False insurance claims are another problem that can be alleviated by installing surveillance systems.
  • School
    Schools aren't what they used to be, in this day and age many things from the selling of drugs, gang violence, and school shootings are plaguing the system. A surveillance system will not only act as a deterrent, but will assist police in their investigations. This will allow the principle to run a school that offers a safe environment for both students and employees.

Personal Service
Let us sit down with you and analyse what your facility and company needs are. We offer entry level analog systems to some very scalable IP multi-megapixel solutions. Contact us today and we will set up an appointment. (208) 463-1133