VoIP Solutions

Why should your company choose VoIP?
The major advantage of using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service is that it can save you money. Many VoIP providers offer flat rate incoming call plans and some will allow you to select your own area code to dial from. This does not necessary have to be your area code where your business is at. Select the area code that you would normally place a long distance and a large number of phone calls. If calls are outside your calling area, ultra low long distance rates are available. Using VoIP and the correct equipment will enable you to communicate with multiple people anytime you need, which makes communication easier and feasible with no regard to distance.

VoIP is combination of voice communication and data communication and the services are digital, therefore may offer more features than traditional phone services. For example you can change your call forwarding settings to allow you to use your cell phone as a virtual extension. You can receive email notification when you receive a voice mail with the voice mail as an attachment; this makes for ease of use with a smart phone. Hence for this reason VoIP also allows easy exchange of data with people you are talking with, sending images, graphics and videos.

VoIP is easy to upgrade. It sometimes can take hours less to install than a traditional phone system. Phones can be taken to remote offices or homes and communicate with the main company VoIP-PBX just like they are at the main office. A traditional telephone system is not that easy, not to mention the dismantling and reassembling of huge machines.

Meanwhile for Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) line, you generally don't have the option of talking with more than one person at a time or you can but at increased cost. A good thing to keep in mind, is that most PSTN lines are VoIP before they are converted to copper and sent to your home or business. Why not remove the middle man, or wire in this case?

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